3 Super Cool Tips to attract people to your website.

3 Super Cool Tips to attract people to your website.

Are you going to design a website for the first time or are you a web designer who has been spinning magical websites since the dawn of the Internet era?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, the success of your business depends on how awesome your website appears to the people.

So, now you have a business that has reached nowhere. Why?

You hired an highly reputed SEO company in India to work on the inbound marketing part and also, you have some excellent content and the best link building strategies on your side. You have been doing social media without fail. But, there is something that is preventing your business from reaching out to people.

And, how do you get it done?

Let me ask you a simple question what do you think content marketing is? For most of the people it is writing some super quality content and publishing it.

It is not!
It is just the beginning, because content marketing is achieved only when your traffic increases and your potential prospects or customers are in constant touch with you.

As my Web Guru Neil Patel puts it “whatever your customer decides to do, let’s pray that they do not click on the back button”.

And, who are we to stop them from clicking the back button?

So, how do you think you can prevent them from going back?

One of the simplest hacks is try to reduce your website’s page loading speed and keep it to the minimal. This is something that we all know and forms the basics of SEO, and web designing. But, it happens that we fail to implement the tweak when it comes to our website.

Don’t fret! I have got something for you that will help you to retain your existing customers and build new relationships.

  • Professional website designs:


So, what do I actually mean when I say professional website designs?

Do you know you have got only 50 milliseconds of time to impress a first time visitor to your website?

And, what’s more?

Within this time the brain has already asked the receptors to either wind up the show or stay on the website. And, it is the design that helps the brain to move ahead or go back.

About 94% of the decision is design related.

You can get some help from a professional web design company to develop your website or use an awesome WordPress Theme to get it done.

  • Develop content that people will read:


As you give importance to develop an awesome website, do not forget your content.

The truth is that though there are a lot of speculations and discussions on whether the below the fold thing carries any importance or not, fact is that people read everything that is written above the fold.

No one wants to know what’s written below the fold.

One more important thing is that do not think that this content will be viewed only over desktops. But, it will be accessed across a number of Smartphones and Android devices.

So you need to create a content strategy that fits into the 4 walls of mobile devices.

And, remember your visitors are busy people. Neither have they got the patience to read whatever is written below the fold nor the time.

Hardly, will they read your blogs to find out about your services but they will sneak peek into your website to see what you have written.

The truth is that most of them are scanners and these people are interested to find out what’s written in your website. There is an exceptional 2% who read out your blogs.

Tips to write great content:

  • Do not curate sentences that are too long and complex. Cut them short. You could use the Hemingway App for the same. I do use it.
  • Do not include more than 4 sentences in a paragraph. Keep the beginning impressive.
  • While writing blogs try to include images after every 350 words. It will keep your reader engaged.
  • Also, when you write blogs, it would be great if you could include authoritative quotes as you can find Brian Dean uses this technique to hook up his audience.
  • Give lead magnets for free:


Who doesn’t like it when they can get something for free?

Won’t you rush to the place? Honestly, I would and I am sure that my readers would love to find out more about what’s free.

The psychological point is that we are not concerned with whether it is expensive or cheap or what are the downsides of accepting something that has been offered for free.

But, all that we know is it is being offered free of cost and we need it.

Simply it is that people think that they deserve the free gift.

So, what can you give off for free?

How about Lead Magnets?

When you give a lead magnet for free, your people are obliged to return the favor.

You can give an EBook, Toolkit, Guide, Survey, or the pdf version of an article for free and in return ask them for their Email Ids.

You can even offer them with a free course for the gift that they receive.

They are obliged to return the favor.

Web Influencer Neil Patel says that by giving away free lead magnets he experienced an increase in the entire turnover resulting in 361,494 visitors and 8421 new Email subscriptions.

What an idea Sirji?

Would you like to try?

Why not?

What are you waiting for?

Apply these small tweaks and experience a great change.

Would you like me to help you out?

Just put in your details in the comment section and tell me what your requirements are, I will tell you what to do.

Share your comments and suggestions with me.

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