Top 5 Benefits of Having a Mobile Website for your Business!

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Mobile Website for your Business!

How do you think your website appears when someone tries to view it across their Smartphones or Tablets? Yes, it is a question that most of you out there need to ask yourselves. People are smarter than you think. One of the bitter truths is that unfortunately all the people are using Smartphones and Android devices and they are aware of what’s trending. So, you cannot escape.

Get ready for the war. But, it could not be tough either because all you need to do is become responsive and the rest is magic. Everything will start to fall in place.

What are you to do now? No fear! No fretting!

We will tell you how to help your business skyrocket to reach the success point.

The first assignment is to test how it appears on a mobile device. It is not just about cramming it to fit into a finger-friendly device, but responsiveness is more than that.

First and foremost remember that the people who are using mobile devices have no time and your site must be easily accessible and take them across all the important points and land them onto what exactly they are searching for. Well, of course, these things might work perfect and fine when people are viewing it over the desktops. But, it does not work always everywhere.

If you still have a site that draws a huge volume of traffic from the desktop users, then, it is great. But, it is a long time you switched over to the world of mobile devices and made yourself available to 80% of the internet users who use Smartphones.

So, this is how Google rates you. If you can help the people who are trying to reach your site via Smartphones, you succeed or else you are done.

After reading the below listed 5 reasons you will never have to think again before going mobile:

  • Simply because Google wants it:

As you know whether you like it or not, if Google does not approve of what you are doing out there, then, the whole game is over.

I don’t know whether you have observed the Google’s latest algorithm which ranks only those sites that are mobile-friendly. What if a site is not mobile-friendly? Google will identify that site as an illegitimate one and ignore it. So, your site gets penalized if it is non-responsive and is not designed for mobile devices.

Click Here to test if your website has a mobile-friendly design

  • How can you stand apart from your competitors?

All that we are struggling is to stand apart from the crowd. Deep within we wish that people choose us above the others.

The fact is that <10% of the businesses have sites that are mobile-optimized. So, how do people reach the others?

The truth is people never find them.

Wake up, because more than 55% of your customers are using mobile and if you are not there they will catch hold of your competitors and they will win the race.

Are you ready? Then, buckle up and get ready to be optimized.

  • Customer’s desire it and also deserve it:

Though there are a considerable number of people who still use desktops and laptops to access sites, the number is never as near as the number of people using mobile devices to go live over the internet.

Mobile gives people the liberty to go online from anywhere at any time unlike desktops and PCs’.

So, when they have such a beautiful choice, how do you expect them to stay inclined to the traditional PCs and laptops?

It is your responsibility to provide your people with simple and easy navigation to help them with easy browsing and shopping as and when they desire.

So, provide them with an experience that will stay etched to their minds throughout.

Research proves that around 61% of the customers lack the patience to wait and never come back if your service failed to impress them.

  • Designing a mobile-friendly website is inexpensive:

Yes, I said that. It is quite easy and affordable to design a website that is mobile-friendly.

If you already have a website that is non-responsive, get in touch with some of the best web design companies that are offering mobile optimization. It is something that they are experts at and would love to serve you with including our team at Novon Solutions.

  • Mobile friendliness brings in user engagement:

It is another highlight of having a website that is mobile friendly. It will bring about a lot of user engagement.

People love to engage over their favorite sites on the go. So, you are making a big mistake if you are not accessible over the mobile devices.

Here is a simple tip on how to optimize your site for the mobile devices:

Trim it down to fit it into the screen space of the Smartphones. Cut the crap. Keep only the essential information and the necessary links.

Have you optimized your website for the mobile phones? No, then what are you waiting for? Now is the time. If not now, then it will be never.

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