Top 5 Reasons why your business website needs SEO

Did someone just tell you that your business can succeed without SEO? Or assured you that in the year 2016, online businesses can reach customers without being optimized for search engines?

Even I have been getting a lot of Emails where concerned business owners and marketers were asking is it true?

Initially, I thought someone was playing a bad prank at me by shooting these Emails. But, lately I realized some of my dear readers were in fact thinking of getting things done without SEO.

Let me get this straight.

Folks, if at all you have any plans to quit optimizing your business website or if no one told you that SEO is an integral part of online marketing then, mark my words you are going nowhere without getting this done.

Pause a while and think-

You have a beautiful and aesthetically designed professional website. You spent a whole lot of resources at developing this website and to your frustration there are no visitors.

Before switching off your bedside lamp every night you hope and pray that a miracle will happen the next morning. And, to your dismay you find that nothing has changed and as usual the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Wake up!!!

Your website is the money mill for your business.


Okay! Let us keep aside the thought of generating income, you might say you have a physical store and yours is one among the reputed business in the local area. And, rest is understood, you have a great income turnover every year.

So, it doesn’t matter if your website doesn’t take an active interest at driving customers.

Now answer me why do you need a website that has no role in your business?

Some people say it’s just because others are over the web they too thought they would join the bandwagon.

Honestly, I have met a lot of business owners who ask me why they need SEO. Look, it is simple. In the wake of events when Google has now become a supreme power over the web, others are expected to follow suit.

Also, the standard set of rules for optimization that Google has strategized will not change unless Google decides otherwise.

My answer to the business people who ask me what is the need for SEO is that you do not want to risk a chance of losing in the long run.

In fact, today you might be doing great because your physical store drives in sales. But, in the present scenario what experts and online researchers predict is going to be a bad news for you.

As you might be aware of the fact that Smartphones and similar devices have become a part and parcel of our lives and the ease with which you can manage things over these devices are making people lazy.

How many of you out there would like to pre book a dinner party at your favorite local restaurant online rather than visiting the restaurant in person?

I can foresee more than 99.9% of my readers have their hands up, because we are lazy and we know our Smartphones are smart and they will help us.

If you forgot let me remind you “Customer is our king” and we do not want to feel small because they cannot find us online.

A lot of small businesses are benefitting because they have an awesome website that is beautifully optimized for search engines.

No further bragging!

I would give you some of the best reasons that will make you say “Yes I need SEO” for my website as you finish reading my article:

1. Toil today and reap the fruits tomorrow and forever :

It is a tried-and-proven technique, something that online marketing expert Neil Patel tells us. Look at the way Quick Sprout has grown. I don’t know whether you are aware of the fact that this genius started out with just blogging at a very small age, he was hardly eighteen when he realized the power of SEO.

And, look you have the results. What a growth he has had? There was no looking back for him ever. He is listed amongst the top online influencers by people’s favorite Forbes and Inc. Magazines.

I have had an experience of meeting up with some entrepreneurs who ask me what is the need of doing SEO that doesn’t give results instantly.

Yeah, well of course it takes some time for Google to register that you have done something and you need to be pulled up. The wait is worth it.

SEO will bring you a huge turnover with a very little investment.

When you bind in SEO with Web Analytics data you will observe that certain keywords bring in a lot of conversion.

And, the fantastic part is that these keywords once tied your site to the #2nd or #3rd page of Google’s search engine results.

SEO can actually take your website to the top three results on the search engine and from here on you create history!!!

2. A dedicated employee :

Here goes my answer to all those who asked me why they need SEO?

Now who is that dedicated employee?

It’s your website.

Can you expect anyone to serve you 365 days /24*7?

No one will do that. But, your business website will do it. So, it will help drive all the sales to your business.

What better reason do you need to opt in for SEO?

3. SEO is part of website development process :

There are people who call up my consultancy to get help on the SEO part long after their website has been developed.

And, of course this happens a little while later after their website is developed only because they find that their site is almost like a deaf-and-dumb salesman over the web.

Don’t think of SEO as an added service for your website.

It needs to come in while the development process is on.

Let me tell you SEO is never the icing on your cake.

It’s the ingredient that needs to be mixed in while the batter is being prepared.

You need to plan and strategize the SEO part as and when your website is developed.

4. SEO helps to mingle :

As you know Social Media is another important or crucial part of online marketing.

Let me ask you a straight question how many of you have tried reaching out your targets out on Facebook or Pinterest?

I know there are still many of you out there who think what prominence this question has in a real world where you have enough customers and sales.

But, the virtual world out there is too active.

In this era when people even find a soul mate over the social media how can you ignore it?

Let me tell you the truth the content or articles that you write if it gets shared over the social media, then this will take your business to places.


Because this content directly relates to SEO specific attributes such as Meta and title tags. For your information, the content in these tags are what appear when people share the content on their walls.

Awesome, ain’t that?

5. Credibility and Trust :

The most important point is that SEO will help people find you.

It’s not about traveling across continents and then finding something they love. The internet bridges all gaps and brings people closer to one another.

So, is your business.

Don’t mistake me! I am not talking about all those traditional concepts of SEO that is about increasing click rates, and minimizing bounces.

It is about reaching out to your potential prospects with your company’s goals and strategies.

And, branding is the next thing.

Whenever a person hears about your business, the general tendency is to type the name in Google and hit search.

If you are found on the first page and within the top most three results, it increases the credibility of your site.

Give them content that matters. They have some queries and problems. Help them sort it out in a tone that they can easily relate.

These are the top reasons why I insist and the whole world says that you need SEO for your website to be a winner.

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