Top 6 Google Chrome extensions that makes SEO easier.

I feel SEO is one of the most difficult tasks when we consider inbound marketing as a whole.

Ever felt the same way?

Starting from keyword research to building links, the tasks are quite simple.

How many times have you wished if someone could help you to perform the optimization rather than doing it single handedly?

But, the Internet as always is determined at helping users and providing them with a greater experience.

So, you have all those browser extensions that will help you to manage things with just a click of the mouse.

Speaking about browsers, I believe that Google has always played an important role in enhancing user experience.

Yes, you got it right! I am talking about Google Chrome extensions that would help you to make search engine optimization easier.

I have handpicked around 6 chrome extensions that would help you with search engine optimization. Here we go:

1. SEO Site Tools:



I know you might have heard of SEO Site Tools and even used these. If you are a beginner then I guess it would be really helpful if I could elaborate it further:

I would say that it is a powerhouse of information related to SEO. It comprises 6 sections that include:

  • External Page Data
  • Social Media
  • Server/ Domain Tools
  • Page Elements
  • Suggestions
  • Page Terms/ Tools

Some of its unique features include:

  • Social Media Stats in Google Analytics
  • Trending data in Google webmaster tools and highlights domains in Google Search.

If you have never used this, I would recommend you start using it today. But, then I bet you are already using it because it makes life so easy for SEOs.

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2. PageSpeed Insights:



Let me put this straight. Page Speed is one of the major concerns of businesses these days.

If your page takes too long to load then undoubtedly you are boring your visitors who will leave the website.

So, now what is the solution?

How do you ensure that the page’s loading speed is optimal and will not infuriate the users?

As you know Smartphones and their usage are on a rise. And, when you are optimizing your pages you need to keep the same in mind.

What if Google Chrome can help you to detect the speed of your pages?

Yes, PageSpeed Insights is the one for you.

It will help to track those elements that are preventing your page from loading fast. These are the ones that lead to a poor performance of your pages over the mobile devices.




Have you ever used the SEO SERP?

If you have not I believe the name tells you what it is all about.

Or else let me clarify it for you.

You have a list of keywords, but what happens usually is that most of us are lazy to check out the rankings one by one because it is too boring a task.

But, with SEO SERP you can easily find out how your keywords rank over the search engines.

Isn’t that awesome?

Some of us really love to check out the ranking of our keywords every hour and with a tool like SEO SERP things are easy.

4. MozBar:



I know that this is not a new term for most of my readers out there because you have already been using it.

But the reason why I included MozBar in the list is because it is too important for SEO.

MozBar support two main functionalities.

Firstly, you can use MozBar when you are searching a keyword in Google.

Here, comes the functionality of a MozBar:

It will display the statistics below each of the results. It helps you to assess the competition by accessing the Page Authority and Domain Authority.

If you are using it inside the search bar of Google, it will help you track the keyword difficulty score.

Secondly, with the MozBar you can track the page’s overall stats. It will display the PA and DA and also, the social sharing stats of a specific page.

You can access the following elements:

  • Alt text
  • Page Speed Load
  • Markup
  • Meta Text
  • Headings and more

5. Google URL Shortener:



Now the name tells you what it is all about. I believe I do not need to brag further on what a Google URL Shortener is capable of doing.

But still if you are hearing of it for the first time, let me elaborate:

  • Shortening URL’s as the name suggests
  • Integrating with the social media
  • Saving it to the history.

6. WooRank’s SEO and Website Analysis:



Woorank is one of the simplest hacks if you want all SEO things under the same roof.

It is the best all-in-one SEO plug-ins that I would recommend as a digital marketer.

It will take care of all tasks related to On-page SEO and its technical part.

The first thing that it will do is rank your page out of 100.

And, this score is to rate all the SEO best practices that are being implemented across your page.

You can find the following information:

  • Usability: Page load metrics and content accessibility
  • Technology: details of the plug-ins and CMS being used.
  • Mobile Optimization: preview across different devices and score of mobile-friendliness
  • Basic SEO: meta and title tag information
  • Social: Basic social sharing information
  • Visitors: Tracking the traffic

These are some of the most essential plug-ins from Chrome that you need to start using today.

Do you use any of this Chrome plug-ins?

Share your thoughts and feedback so that I can add it to my article to enhance it further for my readers.

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